Client Testimonials

We started coming here because my youngest son was having some troubles in school. We’ve been coming to Dakota Family Services about a year and he is thriving. He’s just a different kid.

Melanie Parisien

The kids tell their therapist things they won’t tell their Dad and I, and I think talking to her helps them to open up to us a little bit too. They both communicate a lot more with us now and let us know if something goes on at school or if they’re struggling with something.

Melanie Parisien

Therapy at Dakota Family Services has been beneficial for our whole family. We are all here supporting each other and listening to each other.

Melanie Parisien

Thomas Gill




“Dakota Family Services helped me to open up and actually talk about what I was going through and what I was dealing with. It was intimidating at first, but I immediately became relaxed and comfortable because of how approachable my therapist is.”

- Thomas Gill


“My therapist is like the big sister I never had that gives you tough love, but still understands. She challenges me and helps me look at situations in different ways. For a long time I didn’t want to work on things. I wanted to ignore it. But she pushes me to figure it out and to talk about it.”

“April is the best. I love her. I’ve been down, hurt, beat, abused. I can talk to her freely. I give her the uncut and raw and she sits there and gives it back. She challenges me. That’s what I need.”

- JeTara Norris-Jones

JeTara Norris-Jones



Jenna's Story; Mental Health Therapy

Jenna started seeing a therapist for ongoing mental health issues. She says, "Dakota Family Services has helped me become a better human being. It's a very healthy and warm and welcoming environment that care about you from beginning to end."


Kricket's Story; Therapy for Adults

Kricket felt like she was losing control. She was struggling with feelings and emotions, working excessive hours, and burning herself out. She said seeing a therapist at Dakota Family Services reminded her why she was fighting --"for my kids and for me. It gave me a fighting chance."


Emily's Story; Therapy for Children

When Emily's children first entered counseling at Dakota Family Services, Fargo, their family was "treading water." From the first day they saw their Dakota Family Services' therapist, Lucas Mitzel, it was all uphill. "Lucas is very kind to kids and he acknowledges that there are some issues that need to be worked on, but he goes about it in a roundabout way I don't think I could have ever come up with."


Anna's Story; Therapy for Young Adults

Anna was feeling lonely and lost and started struggling with social anxiety. When her mother suggested she see a therapist, she said, "Why not. It worked before." Anna said it's been really good to talk about her feelings with Dakota Family Services' therapist, April Morris, and "it helps a bunch." Anna said, "I highly recommend going to Dakota Family Services. Anyone who is struggling should definitely reach out."