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Therapy for Children and Adults

Dakota Family Services is a team of compassionate and trusted professionals who prioritize your well-being. We can help you heal from the effects of mental illness by developing healthy coping skills, exploring thoughts and feelings, recognizing patterns in behavior that may be harming us or others, working to relieve stress in all parts of our life including work and family relationships. If you are struggling with your mental health, connect with one of our therapists today. You can feel better, and we can help.

We care about how your mental health affects you and those around you. We believe that anything is possible when your mental health is stable and you can live a life with hope for the future. That’s why we offer several services to help our patients build healthy coping skills so they have a healthier way of living life. Our services include:




We started coming here because my youngest son was having some troubles in school. We’ve been coming to Dakota Family Services about a year and he is thriving. He’s just a different kid.

Melanie P.

Dakota Family Services helped me to open up and actually talk about what I was going through and what I was dealing with. It was intimidating at first, but I immediately became relaxed and comfortable because of how approachable my therapist is.

Thomas G.

My therapist is like the big sister I never had that gives you tough love, but still understands. She challenges me and helps me look at situations in different ways. For a long time I didn’t want to work on things. I wanted to ignore it. But she pushes me to figure it out and to talk about it.

JeTara J.

You provide genuine concern and commitment to working with families and patients to give the best possible care.

Patient, Dakota Family Services

Excellent care has been provided for me. I can't think of anything that needs improvement.

Patient, Dakota Family Services

We specialize in helping people struggling with anxiety, depression, or other related conditions and mental illnesses. Mental illness doesn't restrict itself to a certain demographic; it affects all ages from children to adults and we are here for you no matter what your age may be. We understand that sometimes getting the help you need for your mental health can be tough to find. That's why we're here - and provide a safe, nonjudgmental haven of support when it feels like everyone is telling you not to talk about how you feel. We offer both in-person therapy sessions and online counseling services so that there is never any reason not to get the help you need when it matters. Plus, we have enough clinicians on hand (AND credentials) to meet your needs throughout whatever stage of life or mental health issue you happen to be experiencing at the time. From depression counselors, stress therapists, and anxiety those who specialize in treating PTSD & schizophrenia. 

Together, we can find a treatment plan that works best for you. With therapy for teens, therapy for adults, psychiatric services, psychological assessments, and more - you can feel confident in knowing that when you reach out to our team, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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