Clinical Social Worker


A clinical social worker is a therapist who helps patients improve their mental health and well-being, develop interpersonal skills, and cope with personal problems. Social workers play a vital role in working with people who have mental and behavioral health challenges, and are trained to assess, plan, treat, and support.

Clinical social workers may also be referred to as:

  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Caseworkers
  • Guidance counselors

Key Things to Know About Clinical Social Workers

Not all social workers are therapists. Social workers help children, adults, and families when and where they need it most. In addition to therapy, social workers can provide adoption, counseling, case management, housing assistance, etc.

Common Misconceptions

  • Many people think of "social workers" as synonymous with Child Protective Services (CPS) workers. Clinical social workers don’t just do case management. They, in fact, can do the same work as mental health counselors.
  • Some people feel they have failed when they seek mental health care. That is not the case. It just means that you have the courage to seek help, which is the first step to feeling better.

How Clinical Social Workers Are Used at Dakota Family Services

At Dakota Family Services, all of our social workers are also trained therapists. Whether you are looking for help to treat depression or anxiety; cope with major life transitions; manage and balance the demands of parenting, work, and family responsibilities; cope with medical illness; improve relationship skills; or manage other stressors, you can count on Dakota Family Services’ trusted team of mental health providers to be at your side.

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